The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

You have to understand two things about eating in Gothenburg: Firstly, it’s expensive–dinner for two will cost about one hundred dollars (that is if you skimp on drinks, appetizers, and desserts). Secondly, the best restaurants in Gothenburg do not charge much more than the bad ones. (But if you stick with me, I’ll also point you toward the cheapest restaurants in Gothenburg, too, where taste is not compromised.)


But first, as the title denotes, here are…



The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg




Restaurang Gabriel

Inside the Feskekorka–Gothenburg’s gastronomical gem and architectural enigma–fish mongers fillet steaks of salmon, wrap pounds of shrimp, and attend to the lunch-time droves that seek out the freshest in seafood. But perched in the rafters of the Feskekorka, a name that translates to mean Fish Church, is Restaurang Gabriel.


Fish Stall at the Feskekorka in Gothenburg


At the top of the stairs, seafood sits on ice, displayed in that questionable manner of tacky restaurants (or restaurangs) that portray uneatable plasticized recreations of their over-priced, over-salted food. Some diners might wonder, is this a scam? Gabriel’s is the real deal and the display, I assume, sits there because seafood spills from the kitchen.


When I arrived, the chef barged through the crowd to grab from this table in front of the bar, where certificates from world competitions hang commending his oyster-opening talents. He then ran off to the kitchen to work on his best dishes, including Gabriel’s fisksoppa, which, like the tricky-to-translate restaurang, might require that Swedish-to-English dictionary. But once your tastebuds get hold of Gabriel’s creamy “fish soup” and the shellfish and hunks of cod it’s stuffed with, the beauty of the world will be a bit more comprehensible.


The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden


The Smorstekt rodspatta med champinjoner och brynt smor, which needs no translation, is a great main dish. This fried plaice in mushroom butter sauce is flavorful, and yet the sauce doesn’t disguise the plaice’s freshness. This pairs well with beer from Ocean. Though the name might seem as if it’s bottled by some English brewery, it is, in fact, Swedish, and it is one of the best local beers in the country. Go with the IPA.


Be warned: Gabriel’s keeps the hours of a fishing vessel. Everything gets wrapped up by the afternoon. So you’ll be forced to make this a lunch stop.


The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden



If Sweden were to have done Thanksgiving, Smaka’s best dish would have delighted both natives and pilgrims alike. The Swedish meatballs, served as both small and large plates–the latter of which can feed two not-so-hungry diners, especially when said diners mop up the hearty gravy with Smaka’s bread–come with an assortment of sides: tart ligonberries, mashed potatoes, and cucumber salad.


The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden



The menu at Familjen is simple, but the presentation and flavors complex. While the menu changes frequently, go with whatever meat the chef decides to decorate with fresh produce. During my visit, veal was matched with candy-cane-swirled Chioggia beets and yellow beets, oven-baked sweet turnips, and a subtle anchovy sauce that only served to enhance the veal.


The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden



While the dark inn on popular Haga Nygatan prepares some of the best fish outside of Gabriel’s, if it’s a nice evening eat in the cobblestoned garden out back.


While Gabriel’s might have served up a tastier fish soup, the similar dish at Sjobaren is packed out with more seafood, including salmon, cod, crayfish, and mussels. Their cod au gratin, which is served oven-baked in a heavy cream sauce, floats crayfish and mushrooms between islands of mashed potatoes.


The Best Ways to Eat Cheap in Gothenburg

Food Carts in Gothenburg Sweden


Food Carts

The summer of 2014 was Gothenburg’s experiment with the more transient of eateries. In this inaugural season for food stalls, the dozen or so carts granted permits were invited by the city, guaranteeing that they would be occupied by some of Gothenburg’s highly regarded chefs. To find all the carts, you had to know their whereabouts as most were in the less-visited areas of downtown and not likely to be stumbled upon. But in the parking lot off of busy Magisinesgatan, two of the city’s food stalls stood.


I sampled herring at Strommingsluckin, which, before my arrival, I had thought would have been ubiquitous on Sweden’s streets. (It was not.) For about ten dollars, the typical price at most of these establishments, the men in the black cart fried and breaded the fish to perfection, topping it with mustard and horseradish, and pairing it with mashed potatoes topped with ligonberries.


Cheap Restaurants in Gothenburg



This food hall in the center of the city is filled with bakers, fish mongers, butchers, and a few affordable restaurants that dish up Swedish favorites for about $10.00. You can also shop around for picnic ingredients, as Gothenburg’s Tradgardsforeningens–a nearby park along the canal–is a perfect place to enjoy the fare you acquire in Saluhallen. For a sweet treat make sure to grab Steinbrenner and Neiberg’s cigarrs–rods of marzipan coated in walnuts, almonds, and chocolate.





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