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Flying with an Infant and the Airline Changing Table

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Flying with an Infant

My wife had reservations about flying with an infant. “What if she cries for the entire flight? What if everyone hates us?” Read more

Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

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Best Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

Caring for a newborn is stressful enough. Parents have to plan for everything from feedings to establishing a routine. Now add a family vacation into the mix and that could burst blood vessels to the brain. The best way to eliminate some of the stress of traveling with a newborn is to pack smart. While I’m not a perfect minimalist, I believe that the adage “less is more” is often true and since having a child, this phrase has become a sort of mantra for me.


When planning a road trip with a newborn, recite this meditation as you pack. To make things easier, I’ve even designed an acronym to remember if “less is more” feels a bit trite for your taste. Try FEAST. (Are you kidding me? You’re doing acronyms now? Is this still a travel site?)


This mnemonic stands for feeding, entertainment, adults, sleeping, and transportation and it will provide you with five focal points for packing smart when traveling with a newborn. Read more

Traveling with Kids in the White Mountains During the Winter

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 Traveling with Kids in the White Mountains

When Marissa and I first discovered that we were pregnant, after we had received the prerequisite congratulations–though I did have one colleague question whether or not congratulations were in order: “Maybe it was an accident,” she said. “You really don’t know if congratulations are ever appropriate.”–we got the usual lectures, which tend to steer down one of two paths.

Read more

Mommy and Baby Massage

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Getting a Spa Treatment with a Baby

The most incredible thing to ever happen to my infant in her first ten weeks of life, besides that whole birth thing, was her massage at the Omni’s Mount Washington Resort spa. My wife, Marissa, and I had massages scheduled for early on a Saturday morning. The hotel was also providing us with a babysitting service.


“I don’t know how I feel about this,” Marissa said, as the prospect of leaving our child for the first time in the hands of a stranger was starting to become real and frightening. Read more

A Road Trip of Firsts: Traveling with an Infant

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Traveling with an InfantAs a new parent, I want to introduce my child to all of her firsts. Science tells us that early exposure to the world–the sights, the sounds, the textured toys that are marketed to teach our children empathy or long division–helps to transform infants into precocious toddlers and eventually doctors or superheroes. So earlier this year Marissa and I took our daughter Harper on her first trip. We picked the White Mountains in New Hampshire as it is home to some of America’s most beautiful natural scenery. Harper had just turned 10 weeks old. Read more