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Sleep Training While Traveling

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Sleep Training while Traveling

For the first twenty weeks after Harper was born, Marissa and I were pretty laid back about our daughter’s bedtime ritual. She’ll go to sleep at some appropriate hour, we had rationalized, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night, we’ll deal with it. (In the interest of accurate reporting, Marissa dealt with it, since each time Harper woke at those ungodly hours, my wife was more biologically gifted at nursing her to sleep.) Read more

Traveling with a Broken Breast Pump

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Traveling with a Broken Breast Pump

To date, Marissa has dutifully breastfed our daughter for seven months. That’s not to say it’s been easy, (for her). There were those endless nighttime feedings that took place when Harper refused to sleep for more than three hours straight; those two-in-the-morning pump sessions; and those daily commutes with a giant breast pump that looks like a pocketbook that the prison system would distribute to inmates, (if there were a prison program to give pocketbooks to the incarcerated). Read more

Smorgasburg: A Day for Foodie Fathers

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Smorgasburg Brooklyn Bridge ParkWhen Marissa and I were expecting, a father of two young children told me that he wished there was a blog that told parents where to dine with their kids. I told him that there probably were a number of blogs like that already. As a father, I’m not of the same mindset as that dad; I’ll take Harper to most restaurants that won’t give us the boot. But on Father’s Day, I found the perfect place for parents who don’t want to go fine-dining with their infant. (More on that next month.) Marissa surprised me with an itinerary that included a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, a walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a food tour through Smorgasburg, a Sunday food market that begins at 11:00 am. Smorgasburg, I realized, was the dining experience that the father with the two young kids needed.

Read more

Flying with an Infant and the Airline Changing Table

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Flying with an Infant

My wife had reservations about flying with an infant. “What if she cries for the entire flight? What if everyone hates us?” Read more

Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

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Best Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

Caring for a newborn is stressful enough. Parents have to plan for everything from feedings to establishing a routine. Now add a family vacation into the mix and that could burst blood vessels to the brain. The best way to eliminate some of the stress of traveling with a newborn is to pack smart. While I’m not a perfect minimalist, I believe that the adage “less is more” is often true and since having a child, this phrase has become a sort of mantra for me.


When planning a road trip with a newborn, recite this meditation as you pack. To make things easier, I’ve even designed an acronym to remember if “less is more” feels a bit trite for your taste. Try FEAST. (Are you kidding me? You’re doing acronyms now? Is this still a travel site?)


This mnemonic stands for feeding, entertainment, adults, sleeping, and transportation and it will provide you with five focal points for packing smart when traveling with a newborn. Read more