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Duty Free Flying, Sort Of

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Duty Free Flying“Please enjoy a duty-free flight,” announced the flight attendant. My eyes shut and I smiled at what I hoped would be a true and magical statement. While I love not paying duties, I wasn’t thinking greenbacks. I was praying against brown splats. The plane would only suspend itself in the air for a whole fifty minutes. Sixty-three, the attendant had noted from gate to gate.

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Eating Indian Food: The Troll, the Mouse, the Samosa

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Eating Indian Food

I recently moved into a new neighborhood and found the most phenomenal Indian restaurant. (Actually Marissa found it, though seeing as her Indian food consumption consists of one dish and naan, I’m the one dubbing it phenomenal.) For some reason, however, the restaurant is trying to repel me. Read more

A Look Back at Traveling with a Baby in 2014

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Traveling with a Baby in 2014

It’s that time of year again, when bloggers and writers, television producers and news anchors, pretty much everyone who likes to ramble, reflects on the 365 days that were. Since I like to go against the grain, I’m only going to reflect on the last 335 days, as it wasn’t until the end of January that Harper got all of her shots and the adventures of Daddy and Daughter (and Mommy, too, though she messes with the alliteration) began. Read more

Traveling with a Baby

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Traveling with an Infant

This past weekend was my daughter’s first birthday and to celebrate I’d like to look back at the first few times Marissa and I traveled with our daughter Harper. Read more

Traveling with Baby: The Aruba Edition

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Traveling with Baby the Aruba Edition

The first few times I took Harper to the beach she hated it. The sand was too sandy and the ocean too cold. But every time you go traveling with a baby, it becomes a whole new ballgame. On our trip to Aruba… Well, I’ll just let the videos and the photographs do the talking. Read more