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Baytowne: The Best Destination for Kids in Florida, And It Is Not a Small World After All. Well, It Sort of Is.

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Toddler Flying: Traveling with Kids to Baytowne in South Walton
My wife, Marissa, is adamant about taking the children to Disney World. The thought slightly unnerves me: heat, lines, chaos, Smart-car-sized teacup rides. Because of this threat to travel with the family to Disney one day, whenever I hear the words Florida and children in the same sentence, I get sick.

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Camping with a Toddler: Lying and Crying and Bears, Oh Crap

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Camping with a Toddler
“Can you call me every night and let me know how she is?” my wife said as I packed four tents, a portable crib, and our daughter into the car.


“I don’t know if we’ll have service,” I explained. “It’s a campground.”


“It’s a campground in New Jersey,” she said.


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Hiking Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a Baby and a Pregnant Wife

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Hiking Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

I slid my daughter, Harper, into the carrier on my chest. Marissa steadied a hand on her belly; the baby inside her cartwheeled without much consequence. Beneath us lava bubbled. We walked along the rim of the caldera, which, absent its trees, looked as though we were traveling Mars or the moon. In the distance, the active crater of Kilauea glowed unseen, and along the south coast, also unseen, the road was closed as lava poured down the mountain into the sea. Read more

Babymooning as Parents

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Babymooning as ParentsThe first time Marissa and I took a babymoon–that trip before the sleepless nights began–we were expecting our first child. This time around, with Marissa six-months pregnant with child number two, our toddler was waking up some time between 1:30 AM and dawn. So while the first babymoon demanded luxury and beaches and long journeys to exotic lands, this time we couldn’t fathom driving farther than Connecticut.

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The Three Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

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Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

After spending a few weeks on the Hawaiian Islands, jumping from hotel to hotel, only three properties seemed to pay any attention to parents struggling along with kids. While some properties on this list below are family-focused, even one adult getaway employed secret tactics to impress those traveling with kids.

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