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Finding Solitude in Southern Maine: Traveling Georgetown Island

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Solitude Southern Maine
“We’ve seen the trifecta,” the captain of the lighthouse cruise said as the ferry circumnavigated Georgetown Island. We had already seen the seven beacons set along the coast, helping ships like ours refrain from ruin. But the captain’s coveted three included the five camouflaged seals lazing upon the rock outcropping, the pair of juvenile bald eagles not yet capped with white, and the osprey springing from its nest, commencing the hunt. Read more

Avoiding the Bunk of Kennebunkport When Traveling with the Family

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I considered arching my back and approaching the low bridge as if it were a limbo pole. But the tide was too high. Instead, I laid the paddle upon the board and crouched down low. The momentum was enough to sail me beneath the overpass and the tourists it held. They stood there admiring Kennebunkport’s crowded harbor, where even restaurant patios encroached upon the already narrow waterway. Read more

Cannon Beach: The Best Place to Travel in Oregon with Kids

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Best Place to Travel in Oregon with Kids Cannon BeachWhile Seaside, Oregon, might aim to be the family-friendly option on the state’s coastline with its carousel, amusement rides, and promenade that spans a busy beachfront, it’s an awful place. After fifteen minutes of walking the main strip, I found a coffee shop that was knowingly selling fake eclipse glasses, spotted seven drunks piling into the backseat and trunk of a sedan, crossed paths with a young man wearing a shirt that read “Take Yo Panties Off” in neon pink font, and observed other family-unfriendly events.


For a more family-oriented experience, I’d suggest Cannon Beach.

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The U-Pick Fruit Loop Trail in Oregon

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U-Pick Fruit Loop Trail in Oregon Hood River CountyOne fond memory of my own childhood is of driving to upstate New York to pick apples off the trees. But on the last year that I had visited the orchards, I found no pleasure in the activity. Perhaps it was the year that I had transitioned into adolescence. While I had grown insolent, it certainly didn’t help that the orchard employees had plucked the fruits themselves and had them available only in wooden bins, transforming the back-to-nature event into a three-hour car ride for an outdoor grocery store that sold one product. Gone were the days of apple picking; gone was childhood.

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Drinking Wine in Washington with Kids

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Drinking Wine in Washington with KidsWine does not pair well with children. Most parents can’t stock their wine racks, as they stand dangerously at toddler height, and Mommy’s nighttime wine consumption is often less about pleasure than serving as a counterbalance against the daytime’s whine.


But Washington state, one of the world’s top wine destinations, with its nearly one thousand wineries, has a few that tipplers can tour with their toddlers. Most are found in Washington’s two great wine regions: Walla Walla in the east, and Woodinville, just a half hour from Seattle.

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