Traveling During a MERS Outbreak and a Nuclear Crisis

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Traveling During a MERS Outbreak

Before my departure for Korea, I had randomly tuned into the news, forever out of it after Colbert left the tube. The report had announced a MERS outbreak in Korea. It was a few weeks before my departure and already a number of people had died. Was I really going to go to Korea?

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Jeju Island Love Land and the Teddy Bear Museums

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Jeju Island Love Land Museum In my last post about Jeju Island, I went into slight detail about Love Land, the sex museum, and the Teddy Bear Museum. That post was pretty PG-13. Now we’re going NC-17; (though the bit about the Teddy Bears is still PG). So if you’re one of those people who get a bit wheezy when someone says “heck” in church or synagogue or in the dairy section of the supermarket, I suggest skipping this one. (Or at least skip past all the penises until you start seeing Teddy Bears.) Consider yourself warned, though feel free to read on… Read more

The Best Things to do on Jeju Island: From the Beautiful to the Strange

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The Best Things to do on Jeju Island

Jeju Island can best be symbolized by the yin and the yang. Everything beautiful on this Korean island, which sits off the tip of the mainland peninsula, is counterbalanced by something incredibly not. As I toured around searching for the best things to do on Jeju Island, I found myself simultaneously impressed and baffled. Read more

Get My Ebook, Traveling the Cambodian Genocide. Your Purchase Helps Cambodia

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Traveling the Cambodian Genocide

If you love reading travel literature and are interested in helping those in need, purchase my new ebook, Traveling the Cambodian Genocide. One third of all profits will be donated to a charity that helps Cambodian children and families. The essays and photographs in this 59-page ebook will take readers to the sites of genocide and allow them to connect with Cambodians, a people who are still coming to terms with their recent tragic past, which resulted in the extermination of one quarter of the population. Traveling the Cambodian Genocide will take readers to the little known killing caves hidden around the country and sit them down with the survivors of these atrocities. Even more importantly, through interviews with Cambodians young and old, this book foretells of the nation’s hopeful future.

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Misadventures in Southeast Asia: A Free Travel Ebook

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A Free Travel Ebook Misadventures in Southeast Asia

As a big thank you for reading Somewhere Or Bust, I’d like to offer you my first travel ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia. And it’s free.


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