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One Day In Atlantic City

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One Day in Atlantic City

During the summer, Marissa was invited down to Atlantic City for our friend’s bachelorette party. With child inside, she didn’t feel that is was best to partake in all of the late-night festivities (evidence A of good mothering), nor did she think that any of the other girls would want to score her as a bedmate (evidence A of good social awareness skills). (I should mention here that there is a lot of pressure to sleep next to a pregnant girl. One night, after coming back from a bourbon event, I had rolled in my sleep and more or less kneed our baby-to-be. It’s hard to sleep when your riddled with guilt.) Read more

Charleston Plantation: A Visit to Middleton Place

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Charleston Plantation Middleton Place

I dislike pollen and I’m still trying to figure out why Westerners opt to pay for the murdered parts of trees. However, no trip to Charleston, South Carolina, is complete without a visit to a Charleston plantation. During my visit to the city of Charleston, I ventured out to the Middleton Place, which every single person that I polled had voted the most beautiful plantation in the area. Read more

Fort Sumter Tours Bring History to Life

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Fort Sumter Tours

Fort Sumter is the infamous site that marks the outbreak of America’s Civil War. A visit to Fort Sumter, a few miles by boat from downtown Charleston, unleashes history. One that is manifest in the walls, which still has cannon balls lodged in the brick fortifications that once stood 50 feet, but were cut in half by war. A history that comes to life as you look out from the small fortified island at the positions that the Confederates took at Fort Moultrie, Fort Johnson, and Castle Pickney when war began. A history that unfolds with the six flags wave above the fort: the country’s flags with 31, 35, and 50 stars, representing a country pre-war, post-war, and today, respectively, two flags of the Confederacy and South Carolina’s state flag. Fort Sumter tours tell the story of our country’s most tenuous times. Read more

Walk Charleston

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Walk Charleston

Some people dance the Charleston. I walk Charleston, which you should do if you’re visiting this South Carolina city. It’s the best way to experience its elegance and history. (Since cabs and buses are rare, your only other option might be to tow in a motorized wheelchair.  I saw way too many chained to the back of cars.) Read more

Walk San Francisco: A Route Dictated by Burgers, Rain and Tenderloin

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Walk San Francisco for the Clashing Colors


The best way to see a city is by foot. That’s why I decided to walk San Francisco.


Actually, when I first arrived, I decided to run San Francisco. (I had just spent all day in the car from Tahoe and needed to burn off the 1,200 calorie lunch I had ingested at the In N’ Out.) Read more