Paddling with a Toddler in Hawaii

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Paddling with a ToddlerThe first time that I had taken my daughter out on the sea, she was four months old. I had set her feet on a stand-up paddleboard floating just off the shore of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Harper, as a rational person would expect of a baby, had a fit. It took a few more months for her to grow comfortable with the ocean. And while it’s rare that she will crawl straight into every body of water–see Aruba–she does enjoy building and destroying sand castles and watching sand crabs scurry for the depths.

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From 1,000 Peeps to 1,000 Peaks: Surfing Waikiki and Ukemehame

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Surfing WaikikiSurfing Waikiki presents the version of the sport most akin to the horrors of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you overlook the long-breaking waves and the beautiful, turquoise expanse, all you see is a crowded lineup and you can easily pick out those who are accident prone. Read more

24 Hours in Kyoto

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24 Hours in Kyoto

I had come to Kyoto because of the photographs and the possibility that some ancient Japan could be incubated in a modern city. But when I had arrived, the city of Kyoto seemed like just another hot metropolis. I had had one desire in Tokyo–to find good food–and nothing was different in this second city. However, I had less time: only 24 hours in Kyoto.

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A Night on Japanese Whiskey (and Small Intestines… Again)

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Japanese Whiskey
Once again a plate of small intestines was set before me, even though I had vowed never to travel down that dis-gustatory path. It all began a few years earlier, at an all-you-can-eat parilla in Uruguay, when this tract of “meat” was served up in place of steak. By the end of plate one, I could order no more. But here in Japan, the small intestines bubbled away in a large pan on our table along with udon and cabbage and the miso broth that one of my fellow diners explained “was a very good way to disappear the bad smell” of such a shitty organ. I took a big sip of Japanese whiskey before diving in.

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Surfing Japan: Lost in Translation

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Surfing Japan

I was only in Tokyo for Sunday and Monday, but surfing Japan was a top priority.  Of those two days, however, only the second seemed to promise any swell. A few years prior, I had met a Japanese surfer in Panama; he could only say two words in English: surf and food. When I told him that I wanted to surf in Japan one day, he held up a thumb and said “Chiba. Surf. Enami.” Enami, I figured, from my understanding of the word tsunami and from the constant approval his one thumb kept offering meant “good wave.”

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