Heavy Diadems, Crown-Jewel-Protectors, and the Tower of London

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Tower of London Tour

At 8:58 a.m., I stood inside the Tower of London complex as four red-jacketed Grenadier Guards marched through the passage marked “Bloody Tower.” Either some tragic event had happened here or an annoyed Brit tasked with naming the edifices inside the fortifications had grown tired of his job—It’s just one more bloody tower to name.

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Remembering Holocaust Survivor Leo Zisman

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Leo Zisman in Krakow, Poland

Back in 2010, six years after I had visited the concentration camps and ghettos where my grandparents had been enslaved, I had the opportunity to return to Poland. But on this second trip, I would be traveling with a few dozen twenty-somethings and a Holocaust survivor named Leo Zisman. Read more

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