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St. Barth Summer Sessions

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Adam Lasher St. Barth Summer Sessions

If you’ve ever considered the title concert organizer, the job description connotes strung-out individuals managing laid back musicians. It’s like being a theater director for a show’s opening night, but with a cast that never once showed up for rehearsal.


When I visited St. Barth, the French island in the Caribbean, I had arrived during Summer Sessions, the two-week music festival that takes place on the island at the start of August. And by meeting the men in charge, I got a quick sense as to how laid back life was in St. Barth. Both the event creator, Thierry de Badereau, and one of the organizers, Alvaro Kapaz, appeared more relaxed than the performers.

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37 Hours in St. Barth

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37 Hours in St. Barth Incredible Views

The 8-square miles of volcanic land known as St. Barth is a perfect fusion of French culture and Caribbean atmosphere. The best way to experience this majestic composite is on the beaches and through the tastebuds. While the New York Times will give you 36 hours in one place, we at Somewhere Or Bust give you 37. Without further ado, here’s how to spend 37 hours in St. Barth. (Since the New York Times’ 36 Hours never adds up to a day and a half, neither will this, if you’re keeping score at home.) Read more

Flight of the Fetus: Flying to St. Barth

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Flying to St. Barth

When Marissa first saw the small airplane that would take us from St. Martin to St. Barth, she started to shake her head. “Can’t we take the boat,” she said. “I’m over flying to St. Barth.”

“It’s too late for that,” I told her and then helped my then 20-weeks-pregnant wife up into the small cabin. Read more

One Hour in St. Martin: A Layover in Paradise

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One Hour in St. Martin Layover Paradise

After our island-hopper flight skipped from St. Barth into St. Martin, Marissa and I had four hours before our big jet airliner was scheduled to depart for New York. Instead of sitting in the airport, we figured that we could get at least one hour in at the beach. We filled out the customs forms to enter St. Martin and made a beeline for the sea.

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Toronto Graffiti and Street Art

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Toronto Graffiti and painted car in Kensington Market

One of the things that I believe defines a city is its street art culture. I always love when New York City introduces one of its temporary street installations. The Orange Gates that straddled the walkways in Central Park back in 2005 and the Cow Parade, years earlier, that lined the avenues made people stop. It made people get outside. It made people wonder. I’m always blown away by what the street artists in Philadelphia are able to do with household junk. In Canada, Toronto has incredible street art, too. If you’ve toured around Trinity-Bellwoods and the Kensington Market, then you’ve seen some of the best Toronto graffiti. Read more