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A Road Trip of Firsts: Traveling with an Infant

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Traveling with an InfantAs a new parent, I want to introduce my child to all of her firsts. Science tells us that early exposure to the world–the sights, the sounds, the textured toys that are marketed to teach our children empathy or long division–helps to transform infants into precocious toddlers and eventually doctors or superheroes. So earlier this year Marissa and I took our daughter Harper on her first trip. We picked the White Mountains in New Hampshire as it is home to some of America’s most beautiful natural scenery. Harper had just turned 10 weeks old. Read more

Travel Lessons on Thanksgiving

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Dad and Harper

Instead of remembering how the Pilgrims dined with the Native Americans before and after far more brutal acts, the experience of voyaging to a new land always presents travelers with myriad opportunities to appreciate the world that we’ve been placed into. That’s why I would like to reflect upon my travel lessons this Thanksgiving. Read more

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