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Traveling with a Baby

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Traveling with an Infant

This past weekend was my daughter’s first birthday and to celebrate I’d like to look back at the first few times Marissa and I traveled with our daughter¬†Harper. Read more

Traveling with Baby: The Aruba Edition

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Traveling with Baby the Aruba Edition

The first few times I took Harper to the beach she hated it. The sand was too sandy and the ocean too cold. But every time you go traveling with a baby, it becomes a whole new ballgame. On our trip to Aruba… Well, I’ll just let the videos and the photographs do the talking. Read more

The Best Thing to do in Gothenburg for a Family

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The Best Thing to do in Gothenburg for a Family

When I first arrived in Gothenburg, one thing that became most apparent was that it would be a city of children. Inside the Landvetter Airport, a jungle gym had been erected in the waiting area at the gate and deserted strollers littered the terminal as if dozens of toddlers had planned a coup and sprinted off all at once, sending their adults on chase. While the strollers turned out to have nothing to do with a miniature-person mutiny and were only positioned throughout the terminal because Landvetter does not allow prams to be gate-checked or returned upon disembarking in Gothenburg, my hypothesis that the city would be one filled with kids was true. Read more

Sleep Training While Traveling

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Sleep Training while Traveling

For the first twenty weeks after Harper was born, Marissa and I were pretty laid back about our daughter’s bedtime ritual. She’ll go to sleep at some appropriate hour, we had rationalized, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night, we’ll deal with it. (In the interest of accurate reporting, Marissa dealt with it, since each time Harper woke at those ungodly hours, my wife was more biologically gifted at nursing her to sleep.) Read more

Traveling with a Broken Breast Pump

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Traveling with a Broken Breast Pump

To date, Marissa has dutifully breastfed our daughter for seven months. That’s not to say it’s been easy, (for her). There were those endless nighttime feedings that took place when Harper refused to sleep for more than three hours straight; those two-in-the-morning pump sessions; and those daily commutes with a giant breast pump that looks like a pocketbook that the prison system would distribute to inmates, (if there were a prison program to give pocketbooks to the incarcerated). Read more