Traveling with Baby: The Aruba Edition

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Traveling with Baby the Aruba Edition

The first few times I took Harper to the beach she hated it. The sand was too sandy and the ocean too cold. But every time you go traveling with a baby, it becomes a whole new ballgame. On our trip to Aruba… Well, I’ll just let the videos and the photographs do the talking.


Traveling with Baby: From Water Sports to Hammock Thieving


On our first day in Aruba, the sun was about to set, so Marissa and I carried Harper to the beach. (Okay, so I’ll let the photos and videos do some of the talking.) When we arrived, we plopped our daughter in the sand and here’s what happened…



After Harper crawled into the ocean in her going-out-to-dinner outfit, she was addicted to the water. She spent hours in our rain-forest-esque pool at the Boardwalk Small Hotel.


Traveling with Baby Aruba


And the next morning, when we went to beautiful Arashi Beach, Harper wanted to spend the better part of an hour in the turquoise waters. After nearly an hour in that salt bath, Marissa and I were so dehydrated that we decided to head to one of those beach bars for some rum drinks. Obviously Harper didn’t have any; she was the designated driver. But we couldn’t even sit back with our drinks because all Harper wanted to do was party.



It’s really hard to keep up with a baby who always wants to party. I mean did you see those dance moves? But at least when we retired to the hotel there was some time to kick back and relax. But whenever I went to go lay in the hammock, guess who I found hogging it.


Traveling with Baby Aruba

The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

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The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

You have to understand two things about eating in Gothenburg: Firstly, it’s expensive–dinner for two will cost about one hundred dollars (that is if you skimp on drinks, appetizers, and desserts). Secondly, the best restaurants in Gothenburg do not charge much more than the bad ones. (But if you stick with me, I’ll also point you toward the cheapest restaurants in Gothenburg, too, where taste is not compromised.)


But first, as the title denotes, here are… Read more

The Best Thing to do in Gothenburg for a Family

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The Best Thing to do in Gothenburg for a Family

When I first arrived in Gothenburg, one thing that became most apparent was that it would be a city of children. Inside the Landvetter Airport, a jungle gym had been erected in the waiting area at the gate and deserted strollers littered the terminal as if dozens of toddlers had planned a coup and sprinted off all at once, sending their adults on chase. While the strollers turned out to have nothing to do with a miniature-person mutiny and were only positioned throughout the terminal because Landvetter does not allow prams to be gate-checked or returned upon disembarking in Gothenburg, my hypothesis that the city would be one filled with kids was true. Read more

The View From Cwmdonkin Drive

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Dylan Thomas Swansea

When connecting the poet Dylan Thomas with place, he is most often associated with New York’s West Village, the location of his death, and the Welsh village of Laugharne, where his writing shed stood precariously on the cliffs that looked out onto the Taf River and up at Sir John’s Hill. Read more

37 Hours in Pembrokeshire, Wales

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The Best Things to do in Pembrokeshire Wales

In a recent post, I argued that a visitor to Wales should abandon the city for the shire. If there’s one shire in the country that a traveler must see, it’s Pembrokeshire. With dramatic precipices that hang over royal blue seas, quaint towns that reside along a coastal trail, and sports that are as extreme as the Welsh tides, Pembrokeshire is a gem in this dazzling country.


Many times, these you-have-three-days-in-a-place posts attempt to cram in too many activities on an itinerary. The best things to do in Pembrokeshire, Wales, however, require an investment of time. While the New York Times might only give you 36 hours in this region, we here at Somewhere Or Bust believe in longer stays. Without further ado here are just a few activities for your 37 hours in Wales’s Pembrokeshire. Read more

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