Video: Dominica… The Nature Island

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Dominica The Nature Island


For the next few weeks (or more), I’ll be exploring traveling Dominica, The Nature Island, on Somewhere Or Bust. I figured we’d start things off with a trailer pieced together from some of the footage that I captured while in the country. Enjoy the short film below (or click the link in the last sentence should you encounter any issues with the video).


Dominica: The Nature Island


Take Your Pants Off in St. Lucia

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Take Your Pants Off in St. Lucia if they are Army Pants“You need to take your pants off,” the customs official told my wife. He pointed down at Marissa’s spandex Lululemon camouflage yoga pants. He was indifferent to our infant daughter, who Marissa clutched in her arms. He completely ignored the husband who stood baffled by the command.

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The Best Restaurants in Connecticut for History and Food

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Best Restaurants in Connecticut

Connecticut is quickly becoming a foodie haven. In one of my last articles on Connecticut, I mapped out a full-day food tour that New Yorkers could take through the western part of the state. But the article neglected most New Englanders. To make up for that oversight and to apologize for calling a good portion of them Massholes, here are a few more of the best restaurants in the state. But these are the best restaurants in Connecticut for history and food.
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A Look Back at Traveling with a Baby in 2014

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Traveling with a Baby in 2014

It’s that time of year again, when bloggers and writers, television producers and news anchors, pretty much everyone who likes to ramble, reflects on the 365 days that were. Since I like to go against the grain, I’m only going to reflect on the last 335 days, as it wasn’t until the end of January that Harper got all of her shots and the adventures of Daddy and Daughter (and Mommy, too, though she messes with the alliteration) began. Read more

Best Things to Do in Aruba Begins with a Choose Your Own Adventure

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Best Things to do in Aruba

When Marissa and I first started dating, I always wanted to go out for exotic meals. Marissa liked her Rodeo Bar burgers or Cinema Restaurant salads. She was not the most adventurous eater. I liked Marissa, so I was worried. A girl’s interest in food had been a deal-breaker before. I had once gone on a date with a vegetarian to my favorite restaurant and after realizing that I couldn’t order my go-to dishes, there was no second date. I couldn’t allow Marissa’s diet of burgers and salad to stand in our way. So I devised a game. Read more

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