Paddleboarding Aruba: The Spanish Lagoon

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Paddleboarding Aruba The Spanish Lagoon
I paddled myself from Aruba’s turquoise waters off of the southwestern coast into the black saltwater of the Spanish Lagoon. The channel was still and opaque. Suddenly, a miniature geyser broke the surface. The shock unbalanced me. I steadied myself and watched as a black tube periscoped up. A swollen body followed. The man, who had been submerged for at least two minutes, finally took a few Vaderish breaths through his snorkel. A thin metal spike floated up beside him. Read more

The Best Restaurants in Aruba: The Local and Cheap Edition

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The Best Restaurants in Aruba

When people visit an island like Aruba, they come into the experience with expectations. Let’s say these ideals look like this: Mojitos on the beach, kettle drum musicians and tiki torches lining moonlit paths, and dinner beside the sea. But most of these cliches are over-priced and had at establishments more concerned with turnover than quality. When I travel (or dine out at home), I look for restaurants along dusty roads and in desolate parking lots because that’s where you typically find quality. In these less opulent areas one tends to find locals eating delicious food that can be enjoyed at fair prices. To find the best restaurants in Aruba, you need rid yourself of that image of dining with your feet in the sand and the tink-tink of the tin drum in the air. Instead supplant it with the sounds of drive-by radios and views of asphalt. Here are…

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A Royal Piece of Crap

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A Royal Piece of Crap: The Worst Hotel in Gothenburg

With the success Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Triology, Sweden–especially the west–has been placed on the map as a literary destination for those readers who indulge in crime novels. Apparently (and unfortunately), some hotels have taken this as a cue to transform their accommodations into settings for this genre.


It was close to midnight when we arrived in Gothenburg. My wife had our infant strapped to her chest; I pushed the pram that was loaded with our luggage over the cobblestones. We were looking for the Hotel Royal. The street was dark and menacingly quiet. Read more

Traveling with a Baby

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Traveling with an Infant

This past weekend was my daughter’s first birthday and to celebrate I’d like to look back at the first few times Marissa and I traveled with our daughter¬†Harper. Read more

Traveling with Baby: The Aruba Edition

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Traveling with Baby the Aruba Edition

The first few times I took Harper to the beach she hated it. The sand was too sandy and the ocean too cold. But every time you go traveling with a baby, it becomes a whole new ballgame. On our trip to Aruba… Well, I’ll just let the videos and the photographs do the talking. Read more

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