Hiking the Boiling Lake Trail

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Hiking the Boiling Lake TrailAfter fifteen minutes of walking past large-buttressed chatannyes and all the ingredients that would make for a creole feast, in raw form, the Bushman made his announcement: “Tarzan in the jungle, ah woo.” Out from the spiky bromeliads and endless fern swung my guide, Peter Green, the Bushman. We were hiking together to Dominica’s Boiling Lake. Read more

One Hour in the Airport: A Nightclub Experience

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One Hour in an AirportMost people whinge about the time they’re forced to wait in an airport terminal prior to boarding. But an airport terminal should be a more appreciated place. I would even argue a place where someone not flying would hope to spend some leisure time. Think about it, the airport terminal has all the trappings of a popular New York City club: security checkpoints, one of the few places in the world where people commit to buying a bottle of liquor, and a great place for star sightings. Additionally, the only time death tolls that aren’t mass murders are ever paid any attention to is when they happen in a nightclub with inadequate emergency exits or when a plane crashes (and the big ones always begin at airport terminals). Read more

Dog Sledding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

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Dog Sledding in Mont TremblantWhen I pictured dog sledding, I wondered how the sleigh rider was considered an athlete. Beyond withstanding the extreme cold, what was the skill? Holding on tight? Read more

The Ice Hotel Quebec City

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Ice Hotel Quebec CityJust fifteen minutes outside of downtown Quebec is four million dollars worth of ephemeral architecture. And it has the lifespan only twice that of a lightning bug. After only about four months, the Hotel de Glace, which translates to the Ice Hotel, is opened and then melted. Read more

The Six Best Things to do in Quebec City in the Winter

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Best Things to do in Quebec CityWhen most people describe Quebec City, they grant it the label North America’s piece of Europe. With cobblestone walks, fortifications, and quality spins on French food, Canada’s lovely little city could certainly feel like some gateway to the Champagne region. However, in the winter, when the cobblestones are blanketed by slush and it’s too cold to take much note of your surroundings, this excommunicated European city still offers plenty of reasons to visit. Here are the best things to do in Quebec City in the winter. Read more

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