Have You Seen This Couple?

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Couple's Massage Photo

On a trip to Toronto’s Chinatown district, I turned to my left and saw an advertisement for massage. (The ad is featured in the picture above.) Then I turned to my right and noticed that the next massage business had a mirror image of the same relaxed couple. Read more

Arcadia Blank: The Graffiti Artist of Dubai

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Grafitti in Dubai Arcadia Blank

On my way to the gold souk in Dubai, I came across a big yellow box with two pipes running into a much smaller wooden box. The construction site looked crude. On the larger wooden box, someone had graffitied the command “Ask your tour guide about this.” The instructions were underlined and a square-shaped U sat at the bottom as a signature. On the other side of the box was a pair of eyes and thickly raised eyebrows that indicated either fear or shock or doubt. The eyes peered from a burka and had Arabic writing beneath it. Read more

How to Take Over the Lap Pool at Your Hotel

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How to Take Over a Lap Pool in Your Hotel

Over the past six months it’s been hard for me to find time to work out. In September, in a quite dramatic drive to break a 0-0 tie between the shirts and the skins, I tore my hamstring. Then, I was busy with my introductory course into fatherhood. Since I don’t belong to a gym or a pool, and most of my year-round fitness is done outdoors, this winter, which included the Polar Vortex and other unnamed days of frost, made athletics difficult. The ice and snow limited the number of times I laced up my running shoes, the rain and freezing temperatures reduced my days of cross-country skiing to two, and the one weekend that I snowboarded in New Hampshire provided me with little more than a nice leg burn. Read more

The Best Dim Sum in NYC

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The Best Dim Sum in NYC


Ever since I returned from Hong Kong, I’ve had dim sum on my mind. It’s hard not to when my work-day commute and trip to see my parents takes me through America’s third and first largest Chinatowns, respectively. It’s not that carted around dumplings are more delicious than other foods. In fact, in my opinion, Chinese food pales in comparison to other Asian cuisines, specifically Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese. But there’s something pleasantly atavistic about chasing after a dim sum cart, fighting off competitors for your lunch, and then settling down to the convivial spirit of shared eating. Read more

Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

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Best Gear for Traveling with a Newborn

Caring for a newborn is stressful enough. Parents have to plan for everything from feedings to establishing a routine. Now add a family vacation into the mix and that could burst blood vessels to the brain. The best way to eliminate some of the stress of traveling with a newborn is to pack smart. While I’m not a perfect minimalist, I believe that the adage “less is more” is often true and since having a child, this phrase has become a sort of mantra for me.


When planning a road trip with a newborn, recite this meditation as you pack. To make things easier, I’ve even designed an acronym to remember if “less is more” feels a bit trite for your taste. Try FEAST. (Are you kidding me? You’re doing acronyms now? Is this still a travel site?)


This mnemonic stands for feeding, entertainment, adults, sleeping, and transportation and it will provide you with five focal points for packing smart when traveling with a newborn. Read more

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